Our Services

From breathtaking garden design to creating stunning landscape masterpieces, we offer a range of services that will transform your space into a true paradise.

Landscape Design

We offer full service landscape design, working within your site conditions and fulfilling your wish list. We create outdoor spaces that not only function well but are beautiful spaces in all seasons. Our landscape design services include both hardscaping elements, such as patios, decks, pools, retaining walls and custom elements as well as full planting plans, referred to as ‘softscape’

Custom Design

Our process often includes designing custom items, such as arbours, sculptural elements, and other built objects. Our designs reflect your personal taste and the interior and architectural style of your home. MC Design works closely with local makers and installers who are focused on creating quality fabrications and built objects for our projects. Working with steel, glass, concrete, stone and wood, our focus is to create outdoor spaces that are as unique as our clients.

Consultation Services

We love to talk about gardens! If you need advice on how to improve your existing garden, we're here to help and offer an in-person consultation service. Please fill out an inquiry form and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Garden Design

From herb gardens to beautiful perennial flower beds, we create customized planting plans that are site and taste specific.